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'Three Sisters' - SOLD
  • 'Three Sisters' - SOLD


    This highly original painting now resides in Sydney, Australia.




    'Three Sisters' is a large 91 x 122cm original abstract painting from the Primordial Landscape series.

    The Three Sisters is the Blue Mountains’ most spectacular landmark. Located at Echo Point, Katoomba, around 2.5 kilometres from the Great Western Highway, this iconic visitor attraction is experienced by millions of people each year.

    The Three Sisters is essentially an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to Aboriginal legend were turned to stone.

    Inspired by the ever changing landscape of Australia, this is a classic piece that would hang beautifully in any home .

    This artwork questions our relationship with the land, are we part of it or is the land part of us? Our soul leaches into the land, patiently waiting, until it risks returning in another form.
    The spirit of the land swells from within and rises to make the impression of something we think we recognize. It’s fleeting as it constantly changes shape and structure, whilst some parts pull back deep within the ground. The spirit and the land are so intertwined that over time they work together to alter their shape and our perception.

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