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"Stand silently in the landscape, hear the voice within speaking to you, imagine your own dreams." - Bruce Peebles


Rhythmic Motion, Seascapes, Primordial Landscapes and Bruce's artistic approach...

"When I study the landscape around me, it reveals some of its soul yet hides so much more. I'm fascinated by the abstract qualities that I capture and create into my artwork."

Rhythm and motion are the driving forces in Peebles' art. Obsessed by the exchange between realistic representation and the abstract form, Bruce chooses to paint elements of the landscape in a simplistic fashion.

Looking at this work, you might recognize these elements, but at the same time you may perceive these compositions as carefully designed abstractions.


Bruce a multi-media artist based in Brisbane, Australia, with paintings, photography and mixed-media works represented in corporate and private collections globally.

Trained in fine art practices and techniques, honed over four decades in advertising photography, Bruce travels, photographs and paints full time. Exploring the finer aspects of composition, balance, harmony and design he loves breaking the rules, often turning experiments and mistakes into ideas and subsequent artworks.

Peebles work is energetic and dynamic, reflecting the colors of his native New Zealand and the vibrancy and experiences of the Australian Landscape where he lives, travels and loves. Bruce incorporates layers of acrylic, oils, inks and glazes, applied with brushes, sponges and textured media to create depth.


Peebles' signature collections include Sun Glitter, Rhythmic Motion, Primordial Landscapes, Ocean Spirit and the Central Australian Experience series.

My mission as an artist...

"The principal purpose behind why I create is to share

the earth's wonder with the rest of the world.

My central goal is to enhance people's lives by

acquainting beautiful imagery with their soul."

Bruce Peebles M. Photog.


Represented in Europe by Singulart, North America by Saatchi Art, Singapore/Asia by the Artling and in Australia/New Zealand by Bluethumb Art
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