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  • 'Emerge'


    This is an original, one off, impressionist painting on canvas ready to hang on your beautiful wall.


    'Emerge' is a large, square 91 x 91cm original painting which is part of my Primordial Landscape Series.

    Silence immerses you. Far from silent, the land speaks of past violence - of natural evolution.

    Most of us see the outback as vast and beautiful, forgetting that this beauty is the result of tumultuous evolution. Mother Nature has taken 80 million years to create this masterpiece whilst rain, weather and erosion relentlessly shape the landscape blending deep red, brown, orange, yellow and white making it particularly stunning at sunrise and sunset.

    This painting pays homage to our relationship with the land, how we come from and return to the earth. Is the rock in the foreground emerging or withdrawing from this place? Are the trees taking on human form?

    Some might say that the Outback is a harsh, isolated, arid world that echoes past natural violence in the landscape. But I see the emergence, and ask the question - are we part of this land or is it part of us?

    The painting is varnished and the edges are finished with black so it's ready to hang.

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