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'Aqua Tribute'
  • 'Aqua Tribute'


    This is an original, one off, expressionist artwork.


    'Aqua Tribute' is an original 122 x 91cm (48 x 36 inch) artwork.


    This artwork, inspired by one of the most amazing painters, is a tribute to Claude Monet.


    You could say that my favorite color is aqua, as it represents inner peace and gentle personality. Overall, this color means tranquility and being at peace.


    I wanted to pay tribute to the artist Monet, although the style is significantly different, there's something familiar and mystical about this and Monet's work. There's a shimmering of color, much like on some of Monet's waterlily works.


    Implying a feeling of serenity, this artwork creates a gentle feeling of freedom and enlightenment.

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