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The second time in a matter of weeks

Fabulous to get this email today.

Congratulations Bruce!

Your artwork Forest Reflection has been selected to feature in our new Bluethumb curation - Colour Psychology: An Artwork for Every Mood.

Receiving this email brightened my day, thank you 🙏 to the team @bluethumbart for selecting my artwork 'Forest Reflection' for this curation.

Colour Psychology: An Artwork for Every Mood

The psychology of colour explores how different colours affect human behaviour, emotions, and perception. It suggests that the colours used in an artwork can significantly affect our emotional responses and impact how we interpret an artwork. In this curation, you'll find 5 pages, each dedicated to its own colour. Blue: Blue is a colour that commonly inspires a sense of calmness, peace, and confidence within those who observe it. Red: Red is a bold, intense and passionate colour often used to symbolise powerful emotions such as strength, romantic passion and love. It is also associated with excitement, intensity, and energy in many cultures and societies. Green: Green is associated with abundant growth, prosperity, and fertility, suggesting a sense of well-being and contentment with life. Its presence in the natural world evokes a serene feeling that correlates with positivity and happiness. Orange: Orange is widely recognised as a symbol of warmth. It is also often associated with feelings of freedom, with viewers conjuring up images of bright, open spaces and endless possibilities. Black: A bold colour choice for an artwork, black is a symbol of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. Black evokes power and luxury, but can also mean professionalism, neutrality and simplicity.

'Forest Reflection' is an original 122 x 91cm (48 x 36 inch) artwork.

The reflection of sunlight off the water surface is consumed by the colors of the forest.

Implying a feeling of serenity, this artwork creates a gentle feeling of freedom and enlightenment.

You can see this artwork on Bluethumb Art

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