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'Forest Reflection' has been selected for a curation by Bluethumb Art

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Fabulous to get this email today.

Congratulations Bruce!

Your artwork Forest Reflection has been selected to feature in our new Bluethumb curation - Colour Spotlight: Green.

Receiving this email brightened my day, thank you 🙏 to the team @bluethumbart for selecting my artwork 'Forest Reflection' for this curation.

In this post-lockdown world, collectors are looking to surround themselves with high quality art that makes them feel immersed in nature. That's why bringing the outdoors in is one of our key forecasted interior trends of this year. So, today, we're spotlighting the colour of nature - green. Symbolising freshness, hope, rebirth and renewal, green art is the perfect way to turn your house into a home and submerge yourself in the natural world without having to move! Bluethumb's Art Advisory team also suggests adding a Tasmanian Oak frame to your artwork to give it the soft, natural finish it deserves. Curated by Christina McDonald

'Forest Reflection' is an original 122 x 91cm (48 x 36 inch) artwork.

The reflection of sunlight off the water surface is consumed by the colors of the forest.

Implying a feeling of serenity, this artwork creates a gentle feeling of freedom and enlightenment.

You can see this artwork on Bluethumb Art

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