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Featured on Bluethumb Art's Home Page

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

'In The Shallows' has been Staff-Picked and Featured on Bluethumb Art's home page

This 51 x 71cm acrylic on canvas painting has been chosen to appear in the Staff Picks section as well as the front page on "Big congratulations. Your artwork 'In The Shallows' was selected to be featured in the Staff Picks section on our website and on our home page." Drawing on inspiration from a recent trip to The Whitsundays and North Queensland, 'In The Shallows' (Sun Glitter Series) expresses my inner feelings of the sun reflecting off the ocean. Sun glitter is a bright, sparkling light formed when sunlight reflects from water waves and ripples, usually caused by natural movement of the water. Light reflects from smooth surfaces by specular reflection. A rippled but locally smooth surface such as water will reflect the sun at different angles at each point on the surface of the small waves. As a result, a viewer in the right position will see many small images of the sun, formed by portions of the waves that are orientated correctly to reflect the sun's light, in a constantly changing pattern. 'In The Shallows' - Chosen for Staff Picks on Bluethumb Art

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