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'Ultra Blue'
  • 'Ultra Blue'


    Acrylic Paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

    Signed on the front.


    This original, abstract expressionist painting has rather intriguing mark making with a vibrant palette making it a perfect statement piece.

    Drawing on inspiration from a recent trip to The Whitsundays and North Queensland, 'Ultra Blue' expresses my inner feelings of the sun reflecting off the ocean fitting into my Sun Glitter Series.

    Sun glitter is a bright, sparkling light formed when sunlight reflects from water waves and ripples, usually caused by natural movement of the water. Light reflects from smooth surfaces by specular reflection. A rippled but locally smooth surface such as water will reflect the sun at different angles at each point on the surface of the small waves. As a result, a viewer in the right position will see many small images of the sun, formed by portions of the waves that are orientated correctly to reflect the sun's light, in a constantly changing pattern.


    * Original, painted with acrylics


    I love to keep my customers happy, and I have had some great reviews, here is one.

    "Hi Bruce – My name is Liz, I purchased the desert landscapes Saturday after seeing them on opening night Friday. I was going to purchase just one, but I couldn’t bear the thought of separating them. They compliment each other and create movement and narrative that wouldn’t be complete without the other. Love your work, excited to see more."

    Some more feedback from my art sold online:

    'Bruce how on earth do you paint these? This work is another dimension.'
    'It's modern, inspiring and really pleasing to the eye.'
    'Your talent increases with every artwork you produce. I just love it!'
    'Bruce is amazing to deal with - he was so helpful and excellent in his communication.'
    'This canvas is amazingly beautiful and looks perfect in our rumpus. I do not have the words to say how much I love it. Thank you Bruce so much.'

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