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Finalist in Art West Prize 2022

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

'Return To Twilight' - Finalist in the Art West Prize 2022

“Many people take twilight for granted, for them it’s a soulless time after a fabulous sunset. Yet there’s a connection between them, and it’s not always order and control.

Utilizing colour, rhythm and motion, my work questions and examines the interconnectivity of the environment and our behaviour within it.”

'Return To Twilght' represents the serenity of blue, the passion of red and the harmonious balance of awareness and peace.

'Return To Twilight' is from the Lightscapes series. Edition limited to 9. In the vivid 'Lightscapes' series I work with the illuminated environment to pick out some details whilst obscuring others, using abstraction through the modulation of light to explore our sensory and gestalt perception.

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