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Our first dedicated 'Florals' exhibition Whilst we've had flower art in the gallery before, this is our first exhibition dedicated to a floral theme. So with winter fast approaching, now is the perfect time to brighten your home with the feel and colors of spring. There will be over 120 artworks of various sizes, each showing flowers in bloom, blossoming, thriving, beautiful, healthy and vigorous. Some are delicate and soft, some are tranquil and soothing, whilst others are luminous and bursting with brightness and light. There's yellows, blues, reds and greens, flowers, fruits, seeds, gumnuts, leaves and trees. Discover the dramatic that are striking and vivid in appearance and the dreamy that are serene, soothing and fantasy-like. One of our popular artists is Bruce Peebles who has 3 works on display. His artwork 'Heliconia' was photographed whilst on a trip to tropical Bali and highlights his signature style of soft ethereal emotion to portray these beautiful flowers. The 'Florals' exhibition will open on Thursday May 28th and run through until Saturday July 19th 2020. So come on down and have a look at what some talented locals have been up to during lockdown. Art West Gallery - Next to Big W, Mount Ommaney Centre, open 10am - 4pm.

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