"When I study the landscape around me, it reveals some of its soul yet hides so much more. I'm fascinated by the abstract qualities that I capture and create into my Primordial Landscapes Series." - Bruce Peebles


Exciting news! Bruce is a Finalist in Australia's biggest Art Prize

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Bruce Peebles is a multi-media artist based in Brisbane, Australia, with paintings, photography and mixed-media works represented in corporate and private collections globally.

Trained in fine art practices and techniques, honed over four decades in advertising photography, Bruce now travels, photographs and paints full time. Exploring the finer aspects of composition, balance, harmony and design, he loves breaking the rules, often turning experiments and mistakes into ideas and subsequent artworks.

His work is energetic and dynamic, reflecting the colors of his native New Zealand and the vibrancy and experiences of the Australian Landscape where he lives, travels and loves. He incorporates layers of acrylic, oils, inks and glazes, applied with brushes, sponges and textured media to create depth.

Rhythm and motion are the driving forces of Bruce’s art, utilizing a simplistic exchange between realistic representation and the abstract form. His signature collections include Sun Glitter, Ocean Spirit, Primordial Landscapes, Central Australia, Rhythmic Motion, Seascapes and the Lightscapes series.

"You have to be able to see with your mind before you can create on canvas"  - Bruce Peebles



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Rhythm and motion are the driving forces in my art. I'm obsessed by the exchange between realistic representation and the abstract form, this is why I choose to paint elements of the landscape in a simplistic fashion.

Rhythmic Motions

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I see these sun glitters in the form of 'Bokeh' or a pleasing or aesthetic quality of out-of-focus blur. Having carefully studied the water and sunlight reflections on every trip to the river and ocean, I build the painting with multiple layers, adding various colors, shiny shimmering elements, dashes, splashes and dancing dots.

Sun Glitter


Central Australian Experience

This series of paintings creates a gentle feeling of freedom and enlightenment. Created from an immersive experience traveling the Outback desert regions of Central Australia.

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Primordial Landscapes

This series captures an extended mediation on the passage of time and the natural history of earth reduced to it's most primordial substances: earth, water and air. These paintings pay homage to our relationship with the land, how we come from and return to the earth. Are we part of the land or is it part of us?

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Ocean Spirit

I'm inspired by the Ocean and sailing, an obsession that started in my twenties when I restored an old 1930's wooden X Class 14 footer that had been wrecked in a storm. Always drawn to the sea, I like to paint the water, yachts and action as I see it in an expressive style.

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Fine Art Prints

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"Instantly recognizable, Bruce Peebles' abstract landscape and lightscapes series are that rare combination of light, color and composition, offering the viewer a glimpse of a moment of beauty carefully captured by a master craftsman. His images aim to encourage an emotional response between the viewer and altered landscape." Australian Landscape