Lightscapes, Primordial Landscapes and my artistic approach

"When I study the landscape around me, it reveals some of its soul yet hides so much more. I'm fascinated by the abstract qualities that I capture and create into what I call Primordial Landscapes."

Rhythm and motion are the driving forces in my art. I'm obsessed by the exchange between realistic representation and the abstract form. This is why I choose to photograph elements of the landscape in a simplistic fashion.

Looking at my work, you might recognize these elements, but at the same time you may perceive these compositions as carefully designed abstractions. For the series 'Primordial Landscapes', I photographed the earth's vast seas and lands, producing an extended mediation on the passage of time and the natural history of the earth reduced to it’s most primordial substances: earth, water and air. Often capturing a moment of absolute tranquillity, I compose the photographs identically, with the horizon line precisely bifurcating each image. The repetition of this strict format reveals the uniqueness of each meeting of land and sky, with the horizon never appearing exactly the same way twice.

When making photographs I search for elements, structure and places that intuitively fit into 'my reality'. This is why I frequently create imagery that's full of rhythms, colors, lines and most importantly, motion.

The photographs are simplistic yet absolutely precise, they’re universal but exceptionally distinctive.

My mission as an artist

The principal purpose behind why I create is to share the earth's wonder with the rest of the world. My central goal is to enhance people's lives by acquainting beautiful imagery with their soul.

Bruce Peebles M. Photog.


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